Spring is in the air!

We can't deny 2021 hasn't had the best of starts. I feel like winter has been around for far too long now! But as March quickly approaches spring is definitely in the air. I've created these fun and FREE play dough mats for you to use. Simply print them off and then you can laminate them, or put them inside a plastic wallet or cover them in wide sellotape so the sheets can be used again and again. 

First up we have the 'Feed the Bird' printable. Roll a dice to find out how many play dough worms you need to feed the bird. 

This play dough mat is perfect for practicing pincer grip and fine motor skills needed for the early stages of writing. Your child can roll the play dough to make the worms. They can also count the dots on the dice, practice writing the number and counting the worms to give to the bird. 

Then we have the 'Bees in the Hive' play dough mat. Create some bumble bees to fly around the hive.
Spring bumble bee play dough mat
Use your play dough to create some bumble bees and put them around the hive. The play dough mat has some questions to spark discussions and play. Explore the role bees have, count their wings and the number of the bees you have made.

Lastly there is the 'Decorate a Butterfly' play dough mat. A pretty play mat with questions to prompt play and learning.
Butterfly play dough mat
Your child can use play dough to decorate the butterfly. The play dough mat has mathematical questions about patterns and symmetry to enhance learning. Most of all this play dough mat is fun and creative!

If you use these play dough mats we would love for you to tag us on instagram @okidoughki so we can see your creations. 

Download your free play dough mats here < Spring Play Dough Mats >

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