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Roll a Rainbow

If you take a walk around our neighbourhood at the moment you can spot lots of rainbows brightening up people's windows. As the Coronavirus puts us into unsettling times its lovely to see these and how people are coming together. People have been encouraged to colour in or paint a rainbow so when children are going for a walk they can play eye spy the rainbow. With this in mind I decided to create a rainbow play dough activity which you can download and play. All you need it some play dough, a dice and our printable. Roll the dice and see if you can complete the rainbow. You may want to print several off and play a game of who can fill their rainbow first. 

Our Rainbow Tub is perfect for this activity! 

I've also included a 'Colour Me In' version in case you haven't got these colours in play dough at home.

You can download them here:

 Play Dough Roll a Rainbow

Play Dough Roll a Rainbow

Colour Me In Roll a Rainbow

Colour me in roll a rainbow

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