Roll a Rainbow

During the past year Rainbows have become really significant offering a little hope in some pretty tough times. With this in mind I decided to create a rainbow play dough activity which you can download and play. All you need it some play dough, a dice and our printable. Roll the dice and see if you can complete the rainbow. You may want to print several off and play a game of who can fill their rainbow first. 

If you have a laminator you can laminate the print to protect it. You can also slip it inside a plastic wallet or cover it in tape so you can play several times. 

Our Rainbow Tub is perfect for this activity! 

I've also included a 'Colour Me In' version in case you haven't got these colours in play dough at home.

You can download them here:

 Play Dough Roll a Rainbow

Play Dough Roll a Rainbow

Colour Me In Roll a Rainbow

Colour me in roll a rainbow

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