Alien's Love Underpants

To celebrate World Book Day we have created these awesome printable pants (now there's a sentence we never expected to write!)

Simply download and print the Alien's Love Underpants free printable, cut the underwear out and let your child get creative. If you have the book you could also read the story first. 

We created an invitation to play by presenting our 3 solid colour play dough tubs along with some goggly eyes, pipe cleaners and mini colourful lolly sticks. We used our delicious Strawberry play dough tub (this one smells divine!), our vibrant Green in Cut Grass fragrance and our scrumptious Lemon scented Yellow play dough.  

Alien's love underpants

Our kids loved the bright colours of this invitation to play and the underwear produced lots of giggles! 

They then set out to start making their own Alien's with underpants. The play dough was perfect for fine motor skills as they rolled and shaped and squished it into alien creatures. 

Alien's love underpants invitation to play

Some of the aliens had pants on their head, eyes coming out of their arms and a mixture of pipe cleaners and colourful lolly sticks as arms, tentacles and legs! 

To put your own Alien's Love Underpants play kit together download our template now.

Alien's in Underpants Save the World Play ideas

To extend the play theme you can also use the underpants cutouts and hang them on a mini washing line. Hang a piece of string and give your child some clothes pegs to hang the pants on the line. 

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